3 Day Layoff in Steel Division

As you probably are already aware Evraz has plans to invoke article 12.13 (Lay off because of breakdown) on April 26, 27 and 28 that will shut down most if not all of the Steel Division. The Union Exec and some members in the plant have been informed of the reasons for the lay off  that conflict with each other. The reasons provided from supervisors and Human Resources are anything from “financial” to “no work” or “a broken oxygen pipe”.

Once Evraz provides an official reason for the layoffs the Union Exec will make sure the layoff conforms with the spirit, intent and language in the Collective Bargaining Agreement and if necessary respond with the appropriate actions.

If you are informed you will be laid off this weekend please take special care to note the reason from your supervisor and report it to a steward. This information may form evidence for a possible grievance so it is important to remember the reason given.

Please check back here as more information becomes available.

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  1. VALUES – ha ha ha Well Brothers and Sister we have a perfect opportunity to ask any questions we want…Mon. night or Tues. morning at the town hall meeting. STAND UP, UNITE and BE STRONG.

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