Locals 5890 & 6673

 Bargaining Up-Date



The Bargaining Committees of both Locals 5890, Regina, and Local 6673, Calgary spent a few days in Regina last week discussing and preparing for bargaining later this year.

 USW District 3 Director, Steve Hunt was with us for the first day and Staff Representatives, Keith Turcotte and Sonny Rioux work with us as well.

 Our bargaining committees participated in a bargaining training session along with some great discussions, which conclude with each LOCAL UNION pledging SOLIDARITY well into the future.

 As we progress and get closer to meeting the Employer, at the bargaining table, support for your Bargaining Committees and for our issues will contribute to our success. In addition, some of you may be called on to assist your Local union during the bargaining process. We look forward to working with all of you.

 Your Bargaining Committees are committed to keeping you informed.

 Remember Solidarity Works

 In Solidarity!

 Your Bargaining Committee