Payout for missed lunches

As a result of the company resolving a grievance before scheduled arbitration individuals in the rolling mill who were paid the incorrect rate for missed lunches ( 1/2 hours as opposed to 1 hour ) will see the difference deposited on January 20th. The time period covered by the settlement is from March 11th ’22 – January 16th ’23

Open Positions

The union is currently looking for individuals to fill the following positions:


pension trustee

harassment officer

If you are interested or know anyone that is please contact the union office or a member of your exec

Anti- Harrassment

If you are interested in doing harrassment investigations jointly with the company when a complaint is made please contact the Union at

Training would be provided. At this time the Union is looking for someone from Pipe but will seriously consider a Steel employee.

Ratification Meeting

There will be four meetings to vote on a tentative contract.

The first three meetings will be on March 8 at 8:00 am, 1:30pm and 8:00 pm

The last meeting to vote will be on March 9 at 8:00 am

The Meeting will be held at the Italian Club 2148 Connaught St.

Please make every effort to attend one of these meetings.

Covid vaccine info

COVID-19 post!! I just want to in form our membership that now that Vaccine ages are starting to hit more of the average age around the plant that there is Special Vaccination leave and that all workers are allowed to leave work for 3 consecutive hours to get this done. I sent a email to our head of HR March 23rd to ask them to send a memo out to the frontline supervisors so that they aware of this and potentially have to schedule some kind of coverage. To this date I have never seen a memo come from HR stating anything and I will also be bringing this up in our steel OH&S meeting next week. If anyone has any issue with this let someone in the Union know or call me at 675. This is law they have to let you go!
Also with notifications of Covid the company has a covid response plan that states right in there about including the OH&S committee on positive cases, however the refuse to have us involved as repeated please to be involved. Keep in mind this is their policy not the law, we have had the OH&S branch here and I have told them this and again they also seem to be puzzled why they say they will involve us but choose to not have us involved, again he can’t force them as it’s not law. I brought us that it’s our rights as workers to the Right To Know. What we get now is a email mate the next day sent to Mike day and our staff rep Patrick. My stance on it is no one wants to know the name of the person we just want some information for mental health of “oh the is a positive case in say the pipeside 24” , so maybe that give someone a bit of relief that I work in steel I don’t feel like I am touching everything the positive case touched.
Next week I will also ask them with our SHA people on site if they will try to give vaccine shots at the medical trailer for ease for people on site as we have so many people around here.
I am told that our SHA person also has been telling people on the floor that when we have a new case that they will be posted on the tv screens at the Hilton again no one has included us in this information and I am not sure if that is true but I will also be asking that in the OH&S meeting.
Stay safe and everyone needs to do their own part here, I know there is sanitizers around here but me personally I don’t rely on anyone, wipe your own area down, wipe down where you are going to eat.
I am usually not on Facebook and came back on to post this information and my messenger still works if you need to talk or ask me a question, I will probably have a look for comments over the course of the weekend but messenger or 675 or 3065363282 if you wanna shoot me a text.

Scott Trenaman


Steel Division:
Anyone who had their shift canceled on June 25 and was asked to report anyway please contact the Union to be added to a group grievance regarding your pay.

As well anyone who had their shift canceled on June 25 but wasn’t paid for the day please contact the Union to be added to a group grievance.

Lay off Update March 10 2020

The Union had a meeting with the Company and received an update regarding the ongoing issues surrounding the shutdown in Steel and Pipe.


The Company has made up a bumping and placement document that people can use to determine where they are working and where they may be able to bump during the layoff or cutback. Please refer to the following document.

Please note this document is a work in progress. Namely there are two positions below the bump line in the greaser position that are missing.
As of today the Company states they intend to run the skeleton crew until around April 1st and then starting operations in the Meltshop and then starting operations on April 15 in the Rolling mill.


There will be another meeting regarding the Pipe Division at 1 pm tomorrow. We will update further after that meeting.


If you are applying for EI at Service Canada or online please DO NOT check the box that it is a group layoff. This will slow down your claim according to the Company.

Layoff Update March 6 2020

Steel Division

Today the Union was informed that the Steel Division shutdown that was scheduled to begin at the end of March has now been started today because of the Cyber attack of Evraz on March 5 2020. The 3 day layoff is still in effect until Monday March 8 2020 . As of now everyone will be working Monday and the layoff for March 12 will most likely be cancelled.

Pipe Division

As of today the Company plans to lay everyone off starting March 12 18:00 for two weeks until they can resolve the issues surrounding the Cyber attack. The Union has been informed that layoff notices under Article 12.12 (a) part 4 began to mailed out into today.

Bargaining Update 2020

On January 21st and 22nd the bargaining committees of locals 5890 and 6673 met in Regina to go over Non-Monetary Bargaining proposals.

Our Non-Monetary proposals consist of Local issues for each plant and Common issues that we both share.

We have agreed to Non-Monetary proposal exchange with the company on May 6th&7th, 2020. We will be sending out Monetary Surveys so please take time to fill those out as well watch for special bargaining membership meetings.

Both Locals are meeting in Calgary with the new VP of Human Resources, Barbra Turk, on Feb 26th for a Labour Management Meeting

We look forward to your continuing support and feedback. We always looking for members to help with the C.A.T team. If you would like to help out please contact one of the leaders in your department.