Pat Eisler

Brother’s and Sister’s,

It is with great sadness that I inform you of the passing of our Brother Pat Eisler. Pat was a member of USW 5890 since December 5th, 1989. He had just recently retired 2 weeks ago and was 59 years old.

Pat will be missed by all and our condolences go out to his family.

Rest easy brother.

Upcoming Steel Layoffs

With the upcoming layoffs to take affect at the END OF SHIFT ON JUNE 25TH, if anyone in the Steel Division has been told they are to not report to any shifts prior to their last normally scheduled shift, please contact a shop steward or executive member. We have heard some areas are being told the 25th will be used as part of article 12.13[ 3 day clause]. Under the Sask Employment Act during the notice period, the employee’s pay rate and normal hours of work cannot be cut.

In Solidarity.

Canada Life – Health and Dental Coverage Update

This is the latest information provided to the Union from the Company regarding the issues people are having with their health benefit coverage

As you are aware, an issue was recently brought to our attention that a number of our Active employees were experiencing an unexpected system error with Canada Life (formerly Great-West Life), resulting in their Health and Dental coverage to show as “Terminated” effective June 12, 2020.   As we worked through the cause of the error, it appears it was connected to a number of data transfer files sent shortly after the March 2020 cyber-attack, and unfortunately the impact of the error only came to light this past week. We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused any of our employees and their families.

We can confirm the following:

  1. Canada Life has corrected employee benefit coverage records in their system to reinstating coverage for all employees affected by the error, while ensuring no break in benefit coverage.
  2. For employees who experienced troubles over the past few days at their Pharmacy, Dental office or other practitioners, and may have had an expense declined in error:
    1. For the employees who  paid for the expense, the receipts can now be re-submitted (via a paper claim submission or by using Canada Life on-line Group-Net App) for adjudication and reimbursement consideration.
    1. For employees whose practitioners held the receipt, they can now resubmit via any direct claims interfaces the practitioners may use in their offices, for adjudication and reimbursement consideration.

We understand the frustration caused by this issue and apologize for any inconvenience experienced by our employees.  The patience and understanding you and our employees have displayed while we worked with the insurer to resolve this issue is truly appreciated. 

We have included the same people who were notified in the original email sent last week, however please feel free to share the information in this email.  For employees who reached out to us, we have replied to them.  If you feel additional communication is appropriate,  we would appreciate suggestions as to methods of communication.

Should there be any outstanding questions or concerns regarding benefit coverage, please contact us at

Thank you,

Benefits Department, Canadian Operations

Call in Procedure

Brother’s and Sister’s

In recent weeks the company has been disciplining members for not following the call in procedure, specifically not calling in 2 hours before their shift starts. The Union has a grievance in on the policy being reasonable and are waiting for the date from the arbitrator. There used to be an understanding with this company that calling in 2 hours before your day shift was unreasonable. The new direction it appears, is that the company figures they should have 16 hours of your day and that is reasonable to them. They also figure if you can’t call in 2 hours before that you should still show up for your shift sick. This thought process makes us question how seriously the company takes everyone’s safety especially in the midst of a Pandemic.

The 2 hours notice was to give the company notice to find coverage for absenteeism. We guess now they expect our members to show up sick, infect others and then go home with zero notice? This is the route the HR department is going. Leaving front line managers with no coverage to run a shift, and for what? Do they believe this is building any sort of morale or is this simply HR trying to exert authority over our members? Actions like this make us wonder where the HUMAN factor is in Human Resources??

Canada Life – Health and Dental Coverage

If anyone has had problems with their Health and Dental coverage please see the below communication we received yesterday from the company’s benefits department.

We have heard from a couple of employees about an issue with their health and dental coverage at Canada Life having a benefit end date.  These employees were informed by Canada Life the last day of their EVRAZ health and dental coverage is June 11th.  We are working with Canada Life to determine the cause of the incorrect end dates in their system, and to identify all employees affected by this error so Canada Life’s system can be corrected and all inappropriate termination dates are removed from their system.

Should you have an employee contact you about their Canada Life health and dental coverage being terminated, please let them know we are aware of the issue, the termination of coverage on June 11th is an error, are working to correct the error as quickly as possible, and we apologize for any inconvenience this error might create for them.  Should the employee require additional information or have any questions, please have them leave a message on the Benefit Department’s toll free phone number 1-844-924-7636 or email We apologize for any inconvenience the coverage end date error may cause you or our employees.  Coverage for active employees, or those who have been laid off and should have continued coverage beyond June 11th, will be corrected as soon as possible

C.O.L.A Update

The CPI figure for April was released on May 20, 2020. Per the Collective Agreement, the following calculation will apply:

                         April 2020                              138.7

                        January 2020                         140.6

                        Difference                               (-1.9)

                        Divide difference by .063 =   ($0.30)

Effective with the first pay period after the release, COLA will be $.91 per straight-time hour worked, as it was previously $1.21.


Ottawa, Ontario, June 1, 2020—Following a request by the Minister of Finance dated April 30, 2020, the Canadian International Trade Tribunal today initiated a review of its finding of May 20, 2014, in Inquiry No. NQ-2013-005, that the dumping of certain hot-rolled carbon steel plate originating in or exported from the Federative Republic of Brazil, the Kingdom of Denmark, the Republic of Indonesia, the Italian Republic, Japan and the Republic of Korea was threatening to cause injury to the domestic industry.

The Minister also requested that the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) review its decisions taken under subsection 41(1) of Special Import Measures Act in respect of individual exporters with de minimis margins of dumping, i.e. steel plate exported by Hyundai Steel Company. The outcome of the CBSA’s review may require that the Tribunal review its threat of injury finding. The CBSA’s notice regarding the initiation of its review can be found at

On October 14, 2020, the Tribunal will make a decision, including reaffirming its threat of injury finding or replacing it with a negative finding.

The Tribunal is an independent quasi-judicial body that reports to Parliament through the Minister of Finance. It hears cases on dumped and subsidized imports, safeguard complaints, complaints about federal government procurement and appeals of customs and excise tax rulings. When requested by the federal government, the Tribunal also provides advice on other economic, trade and tariff matters.

Steel Dumping Investigations Must Proceed Without Delay: Steelworkers

OTTAWA – The United Steelworkers union (USW) will take an active role in investigations being launched by Canadian authorities into illegal dumping of foreign steel into Canada by several countries.

“Our union will continue to aggressively defend the jobs of steelworkers across Canada who for too long have been harmed by steel imports dumped into our country and sold at unprofitable, below-market prices,” said USW National Director Ken Neumann.

“Over the last two years, after our union won the right to participate in such trade cases, the majority of rulings have gone in our favour, helping to push back against illegal dumping of foreign steel and aluminum products,” Neumann added.

The Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT) is launching a preliminary inquiry into the potential damage to Canadian workers and producers of alleged dumping of hot-rolled heavy steel plate and high-strength low-alloy steel plate from Taiwan, Germany, South Korea, Malaysia and Turkey. If the CITT’s inquiry confirms steel dumping by the identified foreign producers, it can impose duties for an initial period of five years.

The CITT decided to launch an inquiry as the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) simultaneously investigates the alleged dumping by the five countries. The investigation followed a dumping complaint by Algoma Steel of Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., where workers are represented by the USW.

“Our members know better than anyone the damage that unfair and predatory trade practices have caused for working families and communities in our country,” said Marty Warren, Ontario Director of the USW, which represents workers at Algoma.

“Too many jobs have been lost due to foreign steel dumping. As we struggle to recover from the economic impact of the pandemic, we will fight back against further threats to our domestic steel industry,” Warren said.

Local union leaders representing Algoma Steel employees are expected to present evidence during the CITT inquiry. Algoma already has announced layoffs due to the market impacts related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Workers and their families are already suffering during this crisis. We can’t allow illegal dumping to threaten more jobs in our community,” said Mike Da Prat, President of USW Local 2251, representing production and maintenance workers at Algoma.

“It will be a disaster for Steelworkers in Sault St. Marie and for workers across Canada if, in addition to the pandemic, our steel industry also is hit with a surge of dumped foreign imports,” said Rebecca McCracken, President of USW Local 2724, representing office, technical and professional staff at Algoma.

Given that Canada may be increasingly targeted by foreign dumping due to contracting global demand, it is critical that the CBSA investigation and the CITT inquiry proceed without delay, Neumann said.

“We know that foreign producers and importers are looking at the Canadian steel market as a destination for dumped steel products like heavy plate,” Neumann said.

“The Government of Canada must ensure that the CBSA continues to do prompt investigations during the pandemic and the CITT must continue to meet its statutory deadlines so that that the Canadian market is protected from unfairly traded goods.”

USW International President Thomas M. Conway said Steelworkers in Canada and the U.S. are leading the battle for fair trade and to preserve manufacturing and middle-class jobs in both countries.

“This fight is fundamental to our economies and to our way of life. Canadian and American Steelworkers can compete with anyone in the world if we’re on a fair playing field. So we are demanding that our governments sanction the bad actors and defend our workers and our domestic industries to ensure they remain on a long-term, sustainable course,” Conway said.


A Pension Investment Committee meeting was held on May 22,2020

Due to the current economic conditions, as of March 31, 2020, the Funded Status of our pension has dropped from around 100% to 90.1%.

It is estimated that from the end of March to the end of April it has bounced back roughly 2% which would make it around 91.9% funded.

It is projected to remain flat at that rate through to the end of May.

We are in much better shape than many of the other pension plans out there. Some suffered way greater losses than we did.

We are optimistic that our funded status will continue to improve over the next short while. 

In regards to the “Pension Freeze” that was recently implemented, we have been assured by the Company that they are working diligently to have that “Freeze”  not apply to our pension. 

This does not affect a person applying for or receiving a monthly pension but only to those who qualify for, and wish to receive a commuted value pension. We will provide any updates on this issue as we receive them from the Company. 

B15 Update

Brother’s and Sister’s

Yesterday morning your grievance committee met with the company to discuss the 3rd step grievances. The meeting roughly ended at 10:30 and at the end of that meeting the company expressed that they wished to discuss the B15 schedule. The Union listened to Mr. Forster and his concerns. We pointed out that we brought forward our own proposal last week that would have met his operational needs based on the numbers he provided to us and he didn’t even look at it. We directly raised the concern that this is an attack on overtime in general. Mr. Forster then promised this was not an attack on overtime or nothing to do with eroding the Collective Bargaining Agreement. He gave his word. The company said it was already Thursday and any changes needed to be done today. At 4:05 Thursday afternoon your executive received the below proposal which IS an attack on overtime and erosion of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. To this executive , management has not been completely honest with us and with the timelines involved are not serious about coming to an agreement without concessions. This attack on overtime, plant wide as this letter shows, is a non- starter for this executive.

RE: Working Schedule B15 – Rotation Period and OT

All Parties to this Letter of Agreement recognize that the majority of employees prefer to work the rotation as outlined in Schedule B15 over the rotation that is outlined in Schedule B3 of the Collective Agreement between USW 5890 and EVRAZ INC. NA.  In order to implement the preferred schedule the Parties agree to a special amendment to the Collective Agreement as per the following terms and conditions:

  1. “28 day period” and “hours over 160” in Article 8.03(c) will be replaced by “21 day period” and “hours over 120” respectively.

In addition, there would be no overtime involved or cost to the employer when switching employee(s) from one crew to another, and /or switching employee(s) to Schedule B15 rotation.  This letter can be terminated by either Party by giving 6 week notice to other Party.

Steel Scheduling

Brothers and Sisters,

Today members of your Steel Shift and Seniority Committee met with the company to discuss the current layoff situation, bumping, production levels and schedules. The Union proposed the B15 schedule to the company based on what the company told us was their tonnage requirements. We proposed the B15 schedule with options to run that schedule through the language in the collective agreement and based on the number of days the company said they require plus 1 designated 8 hour dead shift in a 28 day period per 3 crews and Mr. Forster FLAT OUT REFUSED.

The union brought up the issues surrounding Overtime, 3 day layoffs, stats, shift changes, the pandemic. We proposed things that would both make the membership happy and save the company money. To the extent when an individual receives a 3 day layoff on the B15 they lose 36 hours and under his B3 the loss is 24 hours. This is clear it is not about saving money as we heard  a resounding NO from  Mr. Forster. We gave him every opportunity to manage this schedule and work with them, again to a NO.  Mr. Forster even agreed with the Union that there will be more overtime on the B3 schedule. We clearly can see this isn’t about having a happy and productive workforce. This is about a grudge , that much is clear.

The Union brought up that we may advise our members under the B3 schedule to do shift trades, in essence creating their own B15 schedule. Mr. Forster then said “employees will not create their own shift”.  Shift Trades are an option under the collective agreement. The company will have t address each request as they were to come in. So another words making the managers actually manage, something they will not do under the B15 schedule.

The fact is, every creative idea the Union proposed, the company said NO.  

We also proposed shuffling the Days/Afternoon/Nights to Days/Nights/Afternoons on the B3 schedule. At first glance the company didn’t see any issues in that but will look at it further before agreeing to it.

The Union is very disappointed in today’s outcome and the responses given by Mr. Forster.

Tubular Layoffs

Yesterday afternoon the Union was informed the company will be issuing Layoff notices for roughly 45 people in Tubular on Friday May 8th. The list is to be out today and once we have it it will be posted.

Evraz Update

With the struggles in today’s economy, Evraz is facing some difficult times and difficult decisions. The attached letter is a clear indication of what we face ahead.

Although times maybe uncertain, please continue to work safely.


This year’s Day of Mourning will be different due to COVID-19. April 28th one of the most important days on our calendar. It’s when we remember those we’ve lost and recommit ourselves to fighting for the health and safety of every worker.

While it’s unfortunate that Steelworkers won’t be gathered in their Communities for the Day of Mourning, it is still very important that we connect and commemorate the Day of Mourning. That’s why we are doing a

District 3 Telephone Town Hall.

  • We encourage all members to  participate. Please register to join USW District 3 for our Day of Mourning Telephone Town Hall on Tuesday, April 28 at 7:00 pm.

            Click now to REGISTER. Select the Tuesday, April 28 option for the District 3 Telephone Town Hall on the registration page.

            You’ll get to hear from USW District 3 Director Steve Hunt and National Director Ken Neumann and some of our members on the front lines. You can participate in honouring those injured and killed on the job over the last year,

            as well as participate in the discussion and ask questions.

            After you have registered, all you have to do is answer the phone when we call you on the evening of Tuesday, April 28. You simply stay on the line to join the telephone town hall.

Cell Phone Policy

It has come to our attention that management has possibly been threatening our members with discipline if they do not sign the new Cell Phone Policy. This policy is to take affect MAY 1ST according to the company. You have every right to understand the policy completely. It is unreasonable to have a policy thrown at you and in the same breath to immediately sign acknowledging you understand that policy. If you have been threatened by the company in regards to this please let someone from the Executive or a Shop Steward know as we will be looking at pursuing this.


As some of you may already be aware of, the company is rolling out a new Cell Phone and Electronics policy here in Regina. Let me be clear here, THE COMPANY is rolling this out. In no way did the Union write or take part in writing this policy. Nor is our right to grieve this policy been taken.

The Union’s original concern was based around fair implementation of a policy. Fair and Equal for everyone.

Production and Membership Meeting Update

With the Province still under a State of Emergency and the recommendations from the National Office, this Mondays[ April 20th] Membership Meeting will be CANCELED.


We had a discussion this week regarding production and staffing levels. It is now expected that the Steel division will reduce to 3 crew operations in late May. We have requested a shift and seniority meeting with the company for the first week of May to discuss shift options.


Next week the 24 inch will be crewing up and the 2 inch down 1 crew. It is expected the 24″ will get to 2 finishing crews and the 2″ will be down. There is no expectation for layoffs at this time.

The Union has also filed a grievance in regards to the latest 3 day layoff in Tubular.

Right to Refuse

All Canadians workers have three basic health and safety rights:
• the Right to Know: what are the hazards that a worker may face
• the Right to Participate: to investigate and participate in health and safety activities
• the Right to Refuse Unsafe Work: if a worker has reason to believe that work is dangerous, the worker has the right to refuse that work without fear of repercussions.
The United Steelworkers have always been proud to call ourselves the health and safety union. We’ve always had to be; we have seen to many workers seriously hurt or killed on the job. That’s why we continue to be; hopefully you have all learned of our union’s “Stop the Killing, Enforce the Law” campaign. Almost 45 years ago our members forced a Royal Commission that first created the three basic rights listed above – we’ve used those rights every day.
Today, no matter your worksite, these rights are critical in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and these must be workers’ bottom lines when on the job.
Thankfully in most cases, responsible employers will work with us to resolve work refusals quickly and without issue, using common sense and cooperation. However, we have some employers who need government regulators to learn that workers’ health and safety comes before profits and production deadlines.
Sometimes that’s still not enough, and as workers, we have to know and be prepared to use our rights. The USW has produced “Right to Refuse” cards for every health and safety jurisdiction in Canada. The processes are outlined and require you to follow the steps that are established by health and safety legislation. Across Canada, Steelworkers have Health and Safety Coordinators that will assist you and your local. Their information is on our website at, as well as information on covid-19 at
Every day on the job, your health and safety should come first. Getting through this global pandemic means we all have to be more afraid of the virus than the boss. You should be, we all should be—it’s our right.