Bargaining Update

The Bargaining Committee just finished another 3 days of non-monetary bargaining with the Company.

We have clarified and strengthened the language surrounding articles:

  • 9.09-OT distribution language
  • 9.11-OT lunch (clarified and simplified language)
  • 11.07-Labour Act (modified the language),
  • 12.04- Establish and Maintain Seniority (strengthened probationary language)
  • 14.03- Personal Protective Equip. (made minor gains in PPE however we still have unresolved issues to be negotiated)
  • 14.05- Right to refuse (improved language to protect this right)
  • 18.08-access to personal files (created new language)
  • Letter of Understanding-dead shift (achieved improvements to the Tubular dead shift agreement)
  • A new shift schedule in excess of 8 hours was agreed to

There is also a number of “housekeeping” articles that have been resolved.

We have been unable to come to agreement on some issues which will progress to the next level of negotiations when local bargaining is completed.

Bargaining is to resume again on June 27, 28 and 29