Bargaining Update June 2

Bargaining sessions scheduled between USW 5890 and EVRAZ for June 1st 2nd and 3rd has been adjourned.

The company continues to engage in practices which are interfering with the collective bargaining process, to that end, after consultation with the Union’s Legal Department your Bargaining Committee has decided to pursue an Unfair Labour practice complaint against EVRAZ Regina.

We will be working with the lawyers over the next few days to complete an evaluation of the complaint.

EVRAZ has taken a position on the Steel side concerning Art. 8.09 (2)   Dead shift/160 Hours in a 28 day period that the Union is disputing through the grievance process.

Managers have been bargaining with workers on the floor trying to negotiate a settlement of this grievance and undermining the CBA.

Bargaining will resume when the unfair labour practice complaint has been decided.

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