C.W.S Bargaining Sub Committee Results

Both the Union Bargaining Committee agreed to convene a Co-operative Wage Study Sub-Committee session during a break from regular bargaining to settle long outstanding issues so CWS issues would not have to form part of negotiations

The result of the sub-committee meetings was fairly productive.  There were 3 outstanding Production and Maintenance jobs settled. Three Office and Technical jobs were studied again as well

The three Productin and Maintenance jobs settled were:

  • Pipe Physical Tester; increase of one job class from JC 14 to JC 15
  • Spiral Mill Operator; increase of one job class from JC 19 to JC 20
  • Spiral Mill Cranes : increase of two job class from JC 9 to JC 11

Office and Technical jobs that were studied were:

  • Senior Metalurgical Technologist was re-evaluated and will remain at the original interim job clas of JC 15
  • Lab Leader; increase of one job clas from JC 13 to JC  14
  • Buyers Job; the “Buyers Job” is still under review and will be addressed at the Bargaining Table