Where is my C.B.A????

The 2 outstanding articles from the last contract have been agreed to by both the company and the union. Lump sum payments have been awarded to members who were  on W.C.B and summer students at that time. The second article was the language around the dates for the Health Spending Account.

The proof reading of the Collective agreement is now completed by the Union and we fully expect new C.B.A’s to be printed for each member as was stated to the company at the proposal exchange meeting in May.

CBA Proof Reading Update

On Thursday Aug. 20 members of your Union Executive meet with local HR and the lead negotiator for Evraz.   The Union presented the company with our evidence of changes that needed to be made, to the CBA.  The Company was receptive to most changes.  One article remains contentious to both sides, where no agreement has been made to date.  Article 15.01, and who is entitled to the lump sum payments.  Back in January 2015 and again in August 2015, the Union has filed grievances under this article.  Both members on Long Term Disability and Summer Students received no lump sum payments.


Evraz has express interest in getting these grievances to arbitration as soon as possible for a decision.  The Union is disappointed that an agreement could not be reached.  Especially, since coming out of bargaining so recently with Evraz.

Evraz has stated they intend to have the Regina edits and response to proposals completed by Friday, September 11th.

O&T Pension Statement

It has come to the attention of the Union that some O&T members pension earn back calculations may be incorrect because of an oversight. Evraz management has stated they intend to re issue correct statements to those affected.

Someone is not paying attention to what was bargained

If you are an O&T member of 5890 please check the recent document that Evraz sent out titled “Strong Rewards”
The Union Exec apologizes to all O&T members with less than 10 years pension service because your pension statement is more than likely incorrect if you have lost pension time
Evraz had taken it upon themselves to interpret the pension buyback program to apply differently than bargained. Most of their unilateral incorrect decisions and interpretations were corrected over the past few months.
But one recent incorrect interpretation only came to light when the Union bargained pension and benefit statement or “Strong Rewards” document was mailed to everyone.
O&T members with less than 10 years service are entitled to the 1/2 year per year of service earnback.
Evraz has stated they will reissue the correct documents to the affected O&T members.
Again please check your reissued statements to make sure they are correct.


Brothers & Sisters;

One more round of negotiations concluded this week in Regina with both bargaining committees from locals 5890 and 6673 making gains that will positively affect all members. We have reached tentative agreements on a number of local and joint common language proposals.

Locally some of these include: Amendments to the 24” agreement, pay stubs, seniority, job postings, lines of progression as well as amendments to Appendix “A”, “B” & “E”.

Tentative agreements have also been reached on common non monetary proposals: Temporary Supervisors, Union orientation for new members, Inter- plant transfers, discrimination & harassment, Pension Trustee language, disciplinary & suspension procedure and contracting out.

Updates will continue to be distributed through the CAT members, web page and Facebook page.

Dates for the next round of discussions regarding “Non Monetary” language proposals are October 27/28/29, 2014.

Remember this is your future…

“We are Stronger Together”

In Solidarity!

Bargaining Committee
USW 5890 / 6673


Common Non Monetary

Sisters and Brothers;

On September 3, 4 & 5 your bargaining committees from USW 5890 and 6673 met with the company to start negotiating “Common Non Monetary” proposals.

Although a few proposals were tentatively agreed to we are very much at the early stages of this portion of the negotiating process. We assure our members from both locals that your bargaining committee is committed to giving every union proposal the attention that it deserves and nothing less, this is not a race.

Our next bargaining dates are September 8 – 12 & September 29 – October 3.

Remember this is your future and Solidarity works.

“We Are Stronger Together”


In Solidarity!

Bargaining Committee
USW 5890 / 6673

Locals 5890 & 6673 Bargaining Up-Date

Your Bargaining Committee has wrapped up seven days of local bargaining which brings this portion of bargaining to a conclusion. The Company has so far been receptive to the position and proposals of the Union. We have been making positive progress. However there are outstanding proposals that will now be moved to main table. Continue reading Locals 5890 & 6673 Bargaining Up-Date

Local 5890/6673 Bargaining Up-Date 2014

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

The Bargaining Committees of Local 5890, Regina, and Local 6673, Calgary once again gathered for two days in Regina this week. At the conclusion of those meetings, both committees have now finalized their local and common non-monetary proposals. As the process continues to move forward, as a whole, the committees focus will now be on preparing monetary proposals. With three months remaining until both collective agreements expire, the committees are on schedule and committed to bargaining strong, fair agreements.

Your Local Bargaining Committees are committed to keeping you informed and updated.

In Solidarity!

Bargaining Committees 5890/6673

Local 5890 & 6673

 Respecting Our Past, Securing Our Future

Bargaining Up-Date 2014

Dear Brother/Sister,

 The Bargaining Committees of Local 5890, Regina, and Local 6673, Calgary gathered for two days in Regina last week to continue to discuss and prepare for bargaining with the main focus for the group being proposals.

 Some excellent discussions were held between both locals as we work towards building on a Collective Agreement that will continue to be strong and fair once the bargaining process has been completed. Again, we are asking for your full support of both Bargaining Committees and for our issues that we will be brought forward during this process. At this point and time, there has been no specific date set for bargaining to begin.

 Also taking place early last week, members from both of the Local’s Communication Action Teams (CAT) held a one day training session in Regina. There was a high level of energy, participation and sharing of ideas between the CAT teams. This will certainly be very beneficial to all of us as these members will play an important role during the upcoming negotiations. 

 You’re Bargaining Committees are committed to keeping you informed and updated.

 In Solidarity!

 Local Bargaining Committees 5890/6673

Locals 5890 & 6673

 Bargaining Up-Date



The Bargaining Committees of both Locals 5890, Regina, and Local 6673, Calgary spent a few days in Regina last week discussing and preparing for bargaining later this year.

 USW District 3 Director, Steve Hunt was with us for the first day and Staff Representatives, Keith Turcotte and Sonny Rioux work with us as well.

 Our bargaining committees participated in a bargaining training session along with some great discussions, which conclude with each LOCAL UNION pledging SOLIDARITY well into the future.

 As we progress and get closer to meeting the Employer, at the bargaining table, support for your Bargaining Committees and for our issues will contribute to our success. In addition, some of you may be called on to assist your Local union during the bargaining process. We look forward to working with all of you.

 Your Bargaining Committees are committed to keeping you informed.

 Remember Solidarity Works

 In Solidarity!

 Your Bargaining Committee