3 Day layoff’s

With the high number of 3 day layoff’s being implemented in this last month, please make sure your total time lost has not exceeded 3 calendar days in this month. If so, please contact a shop steward.

Tubular Division Layoff Update

The union has been informed by management that the pending layoff for January 20th will be extended by one week to January 27th as a precautionary measure in accordance with Article 12.12(b) of the current CBA. Rail cars are now arriving daily with CP and CN rail assuring continued supply for demand. We are cautiously optimistic that shipments will no longer be interrupted and hopeful that members will not experience any layoff through this period. The local will continue to keep information current and accurate as we move through this process. 

In Solidarity!

3 Day Layoff Update

Tubular Division – Management has confirmed late this afternoon that an anticipated 3 day layoff planned for January 13th-16th inclusive for the Spiral Mill has been cancelled. Notice for the January 20th indefinite layoff is still in effect.

Steel Division – Management has notified the union that due to a lack of proper scrap material, they are preparing to implement the 3 day layoff clause that will effect members in the Rolling Mill on January 11th & 12th. Members working in the Melt Shop will be effected January 13th & 14th with operations resuming to full capacity in both areas on January 15th. Some members will remain working during this time to assist with maintenance projects.

CBA Expiry Date One Year Away

What will the next year bring for the members of this local? After yesterdays announcement of 0.00% profit sharing. Layoffs in the last quarter. The clamp down on overtime in recent months and the lack of preventative maintenance in the mills. All apparent cost cutting measures we are witnessing and feeling, are glaring examples of just a few of the band-aid solutions the company is using on the backs of our members because of it’s mismanagement and continued financial troubles.

What’s in store for us as a union? As the company dreams up more cost cutting measures for our next CBA?

One thing is for certain Brothers and Sisters. A year from now, we cannot not and we will not, allow ourselves to even think of accepting anything but a fair and decent Collective Agreement. Don’t tell me that some executive share holder didn’t receive stock dividends this last quarter on your back breaking work. Remember a year from now Brothers and Sisters, remember. We are a world class workforce, that deserves a world class contract.

We will not submit

We will not lie down

We we not roll over

We will not comply without question

We will not go quietly

We will not shut up

We will not sit down

We will stand Up! Fight back!

Solidarity Forever!

Corey Liebrecht, President


Bargaining Update and Order Picture

The Bargaining Committee just met for two days with the Company on non-monetary issues. There were two articles settled with improvements (Article 6.04 and Article 8.00). The Company and the Union have moved closer on a few other issues.

After the session was completed the Company informed the Executive Commitee of the order picture in coming months. According to the Company by  mid October welding in spiral will be complete which will affect coil prep, the spiral mills, and yard employment levels. Two weeks after welding is complete the finishing lines should be done finishing the order. This is all expected to cause layoffs.

According to the Company the 2′ mill  should go back to full production (4 shifts)  when the steelmill can provide coils.

According to the Company the 24″ mill will be  unaffected.

Steel side employment levels will depend on new orders of steel to replace the spiral orders (eg. service center orders)

According to the Company (today) the level of cutbacks  will be up to 250 people in tubular. The Steel numbers as of today are uncertain.

We want to remind all members to remember that these types of events have happened in the past when orders  are complete and that this is not just happening during or because we are in bargaining.