Vacation Requests

As March 15th approaches please remember to get your vacation requests submitted in accordance with the following article.


Article 11.01
Each employee shall be entitled to an annual vacation with pay in accordance with the employee’s length of service as provided in the Saskatchewan Labour Standards Act. Eligibility shall be based on years of continuous or accumulated service as of May 1st of each year.
Annual vacation requests must be submitted by March 15 for the period of May 1 to April 30 of the following year. The approved schedule of annual vacations submitted by March 15 will be posted by April 1. Vacation requests submitted after March 15 will be approved on a first come first serve basis and a response will be provided within two weeks of the request.
The Company shall make every reasonable effort to ensure that an employee’s vacation request is approved, consistent with operational requirements.
Where an employee transfers from one department to another, they shall take their vacation in accordance with the schedule established in their old department, unless there is an adverse operational impact in their new department
The Company agrees to issue any prior year’s vacation pay upon the request of the employee. This request must be made in writing and submitted to the employee’s supervisor.

Degasser Update

At today’s Union/ management meeting the company informed the union that starting Monday Dec 5th, they will be starting the process of trying to fill the Degasser position beginning with the senior employees from the EAF/LMF lines of progression.

If you have any questions please contact a member of the Executive or Shift & Overtime Committee. Please make sure of what all your options are and do not hesitate to call the Union Office for clarity. 306-569-9663.


Steel Division Lines of Progression

The issue of Lines of Progression lists has been a topic several times during bargaining, specifically the question was asked why the Company did not produce a Line of Progression list every quarter or even in the last two years. After several discussions the Company has agreed finally to produce and post an accurate list of all the Lines of Progression in the Steel Division. The documents will be displayed on the Company’s “My Evraz” internal website as well as below. Please check the lists and and make sure they are correct. If you find a mistake please contact either Kevin Snell or Marcus Zeigler.

Steel Rolling Mill LOP August 30, 2011

Steel Melt Shop LOP August 30, 2011