Coffee Pots/ Radios Grievance

Is scheduled for arbitration this coming Tuesday May 7th. Arguments will be presented and heard on the removal of coffee pots and radios from the Pipe Division shop floor. Your local has stood firm in the belief that there was no plausible reason for the company to remove either of these long standing practices.

We have on more than one occasion met with management, just as recently in meetings requested by the company during the town halls last week, offering reasonable solutions to resolve this grievance and have been met with ridiculous counter offers and resistance.

It is beyond this local to rationalize why management continues to pursue this endeavour? We can only speculate at this point to perhaps why? The real answers we want will now be left to up to an arbitrator.

What a SHAME!

Solidarity Forever!

2 thoughts on “Coffee Pots/ Radios Grievance”

  1. Shame Shame Shame, I thought only 3rd world countries had to work like this. We don’t get real coffee breaks anymore and because of the collective agreement wording and agreements of years past, the company uses the wording to take the simplest things away from us. What’s next ? VALUES what values ? Brothers and Sisters, Please bring your concerns to your shop stewards and union executives, together we can right these wrongs. STAND UP, UNITE and Be STRONG

  2. The arbitration went well. We are hopeful that a decision will be coming in the next 30-60 days. The membership will be notified when we have the ruling.

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