Evraz Cell Phone Policy

As many may be aware for several months there has been TWO cell phone policies posted on “My Evraz”. One is apparantly from Corporate Evraz which states at one point that it applies to all facilities or something to that effect. It appeared on “My Evraz” sometime in October 2011. This policy talks about keeping your cell phone in your lunch box or locker.

The other policy is the one that has been in effect for several years.  This policy is much more severe than the newer Corporate Evraz policy.

The Union has requested clarification several times including today from Evraz management  regarding which policy is in fact the policy we are expected to follow but as of today they still are not sure which cell phone policy applies or why both policies are on “My Evraz”. So there is no answer to the all the questions about cell phones.

When Evraz Management  does decide which policy applies the Union will request they remove the policy that doesnt apply from “My Evraz”and make an effort to inform everyone which one does apply to end all the confusion.