Evraz cited by Sask OHS Branch

Evraz was served a Notice of Contravention by the Government of Saskatchewan Occupational Health and Safety branch on May 25, 2015.

The issue of the 24 inch final inspection bench was referred to an Occupational Health Officer because the issue could not be resolved internally through the Occupational Health Committee in the Tubular division.

This has been an ongoing battle to resolve this problem with Management since October 2014. Since that time, this work area has recorded a serious injury and seen repeated near miss accidents occur. All of which could have been prevented had management acted on the concerns of employees and our OHS union rep Brother Rob Desnomie.

Instead, he was told he was outright wrong when he pointed out the OHS Regulations the company was continuing to violate and repeated ignored by management on this subject afterward. We are proud to say, Brother Desnomie was vindicated in that regard when the Branch agreed with his position.

It is because of his tireless efforts that we have a decision in this matter. A decision that will make a safer work area for everyone involved. Of course, the company does have the opportunity to appeal this decision. One would hope that they put their money where their mouth is when it concerns safety, practice what they preach and get this fixed promptly!