Arbitration Decisions

Arbitration is a process similar to a court of law where disputes between Companies like Evraz and Unions like the United Steelworkers are settled. The person that makes the decision is called the Arbitrator. He or she makes the decisions based on previously decided cases that are similar to the one being presented or has some aspects to it that are relevant.

Below are disputes that have been settled in front of an Arbitrator that were disputes in our work place. As well there are some arbitration’s that are useful to understand  for some on going disputes in our workplace presently.

Drug Addiction termination June 29, 2015

 Wiese termination

Evraz.USW Bork.insub.defencedocx

Evraz.USWgustin.sunset and service.dec

 Holtskog Drug screen

Evraz USW Proznick dis.KVP

 Coffee, Radio Arb

 Roedelbronn Drug Screen

Allen Brodeur termination

  Carteri termination

  Jason Nugent Supplementry Decision

 Ron Meier last chance mistake

  Jason Nugent

 Hard hat Stickers

  3 day layoff- July 31-09

   Overtime Selection Stat holiday

  Locker Searchs

 Lazorko 2inch 2009

 Decision (Merrick v. Ipsco & United Steel)

24 in mill stat holiday 2008

Mair accident 2007

Lazorko Accomodation 2009

3 day layoff 2009

Fehr termination 2003

7 day layoff adjudicator opinion 1997

Pilat termination 2002

Milo Layoff 1998

Gushel termination interim 1998-1999

Gushel supplementary decision 1998-1999


Gushel Award 1999

Grebinski and Romanow 2000