Health Spending Account Deadline

As you may or may not be aware the original bargained monies of $375 for the new Health spending account expire on December 31, 2013. The Company released the following memo today explaining the HSA and outlining the plan.

Employees who are actively at work and eligible for benefits on March 31, 2012, would have received $375 in their Health Spending Account.  Under Income Tax guidelines Health Spending credits must be used on eligible expenses by the end of the following year in which they are granted.  This means that the initial $375 must be used prior to December 31, 2013.  If it is not used any outstanding amount will be forfeited from your account.  Attached is a copy of the original memo introducing the program.

 Eligible expenses are defined under the Income Tax Act and can be utilized for yourself and your eligible dependents. These are reviewed by CRA on a regular basis and are subject to change.  Attached is a summary from the CRA website showing what currently eligible expenses are.  You can also visit the website at and type in eligible Health Spending expenses to get the list. 

 You may claim through the Health Spending Account by completing a medical claim form or submitting a claim online. Please review the user guide to web claims that is attached, you will need to contact Standard Life to set up a user name and password, if this is your first time submitting online.  

If you have questions on your Health Spending Account balance you will need to contact Standard Life.  The number is 1-800-499-4415.  You will need to know your certificate number (Evraz ID# with 3 zeros at the end) and your policy number (15037).

As well please read these documents.

Eligible HSA ExpensesUser Guide Web claim

VIP Room – Claims Submissions Direct Deposit and Health Wellness

Standard Life Medical Claim FormStandard Life Medical Claim Form