In Reality

The new Chubb swipe card time keeping system starts this Sunday Oct 21st 2012. The Union wants to remind all members that in meeting’s with the Company, they have said they consider an employee to be on/off the job when they have swiped in/out at a card reader location.

We will not be fooled  then by the 15 minute so called “grace” period before and after each shift change.  The reality is that this is a blatant attempt by the Company to have you at your work station a few minutes early and working for FREE.

They want you to believe this  is “Creating Value” and is a “Team” effort  in the workplace. The reality is, when was the last time this Company did either of these things for you, your family or the Brother or Sister you work beside each day?

Therefore we ask “where is the value of leading with ‘Humility” Evraz”? In reality, you make your workers work under humiliation. You occupy a considerable amount of time fighting with the Union and the members we represent over petty things such as swipe card locations within the plant when all we ask for is a reasonable solution.

In reality Brother’s & Sisters the Evraz “Team” only plays fair when the rules suit them.

Solidarity Forever!