Inter Plant Transfer

Here is a memo that the Company put out  regarding Inter Plant transfers to Calgary in times of lay off:

According to article 12.15 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, Inter-Plant Transfers, employees laid off from Regina Tubular will have the opportunity to transfer to other plant sites. The Calgary Works Division and Regina Steel Division have several entry level production positions available. Employees willing to transfer will have to cover their own expenses (accommodation, meals, etc.) while in Calgary.

 Please contact Human Resources in Regina as soon as possible if you would like to be considered for these positions.

 If you have any questions regarding this transfer please contact Cindy Hinger at 306-924-7212 or via email at

Here is the language from Article 12.15 from the Collective Bargaining Agreement referred to in the Evraz’s memo:

Opportunity will be afforded to laid off members from other plants prior to the hiring of new employees. Seniority and/or service shall only apply to benefits, pensions, vacations and severance entitlements under Articles 11, 12.06 (e), 15, and 17.

If an employee requests a transfer he shall forfeit all seniority held in the plant transferred from. His seniority in the plant that he transfers to shall start from the first day worked in that plant.

All employees who accept an inter-plant transfer shall be subject to a trial period of sixty (60) calendar days. During this trial period the Company shall have the right to return the Employee to his former plant if the Employee is deemed unable to meet the requirements of the job or the Employee may elect to return to his former plant, in either case, without any loss of his former seniority. It is understood that transfers will occur at the Employee’s own expense.