Lock out at Evraz Camrose

The following is a message sent today from Todd Romanow, a representative of the Canadian Auto Workers regarding the attack on workers and retirees in Camrose.

The company gave us their final offer tonight which still includes new hires losing the DB (Defined Benefit Pension)plan and retiree benefits. The deal monetarily is substantially lower than the deal they did in September with the Steelworkers in Regina and Calgary. We gave them an offer of settlement with still some room to move before the deadline on Saturday but it looks like they will not counter or even meet with us and are intent to force a lockout to get the two big concessions. We will keep trying tomorrow but other than giving them what they want I don’t see us avoiding a dispute here that could last awhile. They have given our people paid leaves from now until the deadline so as to empty the plant as of tonight.