Lock out at Evraz Camrose Update

A message from the Canadian Auto Workers regarding the attack from Evraz on workers and retiree’s.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

At 9:00 am this morning Evraz in Camrose Alberta locked out our CAW members because they wouldn’t sell out new hires or take an inferior wage settlement. At the heart of this attack is the removal of our defined benefits pension plan and retiree benefits for future employees, but make no mistake the fight is bigger than that as it is an attack from a multinational conglomerate on working people and the middle class. All in the name of corporate greed and insatiable profits.

The attack comes to you next from your employer so we need to stay strong and support the Camrose Local 551 workers. Please drop by or send your support, further info will follow over the next few days.


Todd Romanow | National Representative

Canadian Auto Workers