National Day Of Mourning

In recognition of Canadian workers who were killed, injured or disabled on the
job during the past year.

Every year, more than 1,000 Canadian workers are killed on the job. Thousands more are permanently disabled. Hundreds of thousands are injured. Thousands of others die from cancer, lung disease and other ailments caused by exposure to toxic substances at their workplaces. On April 28th the United Steelworkers mourn with the rest of the nation and pay our respects for these victims of workplace accidents and disease. It is a day to remember the supreme sacrifice they and their family have been forced to make in order to earn a living.

These deaths and injuries should not be in vain. We should use this day as a day to review the pressure we are putting on governments for tougher occupational health and safety standards. A day to rededicate ourselves to the goal of making Canada’s workplaces safer.

Please join us in a service to remember these workers that will be held on Monday April 28th in front of the Regina City Hall, Queen Elizabeth II Court at 5pm.