Protect Yourself By Reporting Injuries & Filing WCB Claims

It has recently come to the attention of your local Executive that members who have sustained an injury on the job are being advised by certain Company representatives not to file or they do not have to file a Workers Compensation Claim or WCB claim that they are commonly referred too. This is misleading and against your rights!

The Union is currently addressing this issue with the Company and advises all members who are injured on the job to file a WCB claim promptly regardless if you have returned to work. Are being accommodated on light duty or are off work due to the injury.

Remember that reporting all injures at work no matter how minor they may seem and filing a WCB claim if needed, is for your protection in case any further complications should arise from an injury or illness you received related to work.

You can NOT and should NEVER be harassed, coerced, threatened or intimidated by a company representative for reporting a injury at work or for filing a WCB claim. Again, this is your right and no one from the Company should be advising you to do anything different. If you have experienced this or do experience this in the future. Document what was said along with the time, date, persons involved and any witnesses. Next, contact a Shop Steward or Executive member of the local so that we are aware of the situation and can take action.

In Solidarity!