Provincial OHS Branch Does Unannounced Inspection

On July 24th, the Saskatchewan Ministry of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety of the Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) branch, conducted a surprise safety inspection of the Evraz Pipe division operations by two of their officers. Union OH&S representatives accompanied the officers along with company officials while they conducted their tour of the facility. Discussion’s followed about ongoing concerns of air quality, investigative procedures of safety incidence and other documented safety/hazard reports from our members.

Within twenty four hours, the company was served a “Notice Of Contravention” by the Ministers office on 8 separate violations of OHS Provincial Regulations. These included such things as a lack of proper load limits on crane hooks, safeguarding of machines, water pooled in front of an electrical panel and a chair welded to the floor at a work station of all things.

By law, a full list of the violations is required to be posted by the company for all employee’s to review. They have until August 23, 2013 to comply with provincial regulations to correct these problems and we expect they will take full accountability.

The union was assured by the provincial OHS officers, that concerns of air quality would be addressed and further unannounced inspections will take place. These will include more time talking randomly with members on the floor of the departments they work in.

Always report hazards and unsafe conditions.

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