Dear Brothers and Sisters: It is fast approaching one month on the picket line at Seven Oaks Best Western Hotel in Regina for members of UFCW 1400 with an employer who has dug his heels in on concessions for a collective agreement. Managers have intimidated workers, many of whom are vulnerable, with threats of termination, blackballing and misinformation about the strike. This employer will go to any length to convince these workers to scab their fellow employees, including raising their wages. UFCW 1400 has filed and continues to file unfair labour practices with the SLRB.

In addition, the employer has recently hired the services of a national labour relations solutions company with expertise in surveillance and security for employers involved in a strike. They operate high tech cameras and microphones monitoring our picket lines, and private investigators to record our activity. A Calgary law firm who advertises expertise in employer labour relations has been secured by the employer as legal counsel.

This employer has thousands of dollars for professional services to break the solidarity but no legitimate offer to provide these workers with wages and benefits that will keep them close to a living wage.

The line has been strong and with the assistance of affiliates from across Saskatchewan the message from the labour movement is being heard. This strike is not just a UFCW 1400 cause, but the cause of all workers in Saskatchewan. The mistreatment and abuse of workers in this hotel must end. We are prepared to go the distance.

Picketers are finding that some residents in Saskatchewan and neighboring provinces are unaware of the strike. Once again, we request that affiliates inform their membership and the Seven Oaks Hotel that their union is supporting the striking workers.

Union members can visit our website for a link to a support letter at UFCW1400.ca, or check our facebook page and add some likes. …2 Page 2 In addition to the picketing at the hotel, UFCW1400 has begun secondary information lines at other Ricky’s and Best Western Hotels locations in Saskatchewan. Affiliates who can offer assistance with the information lines anywhere in Saskatchewan, please call UFCW’s Saskatoon Office (Craig Thebaud) at 306 384 5787 or Norm Neault at 306 222 1931.

With much appreciation to all the affiliates for their donations and support to date, your help walking the line is much needed…this show of solidarity is the best morale booster. Coffee and donuts are good too; union shop gift cards are even better.

Please make cheques payable to: UFCW 1400 Strike Fund

Mail cheques to:  SFL Office

#220 – 2445 13th Avenue

Regina SK S4P 0W1