Step Three Grievance Meetings

This past Friday the local Grievance Committee met with management in third step meetings. Resulting from those meetings is the following report.

Two suspensions were reduced to written warnings. A three day suspension was reduced to a one day suspension. A member will be paid for lost time. Two former members of the trades will be paid pack pay in regard to the trade rate review of 2011/12. Grievances for two written warnings and a one day suspension were withdrawn by the local.

Grievances moving to arbitration will be the following. Two members facing suspensions. Four  separate members subjected to unwarranted drug testing. A challenge to the Evraz Alcohol & Substance Policy regarding changes to it that the local was unaware of. Recent 3 day lay-offs effecting the Pipe & Steel divisions. A grievance submitted for the second three day lay-off in the steel division will soon move to step three.

Stand Up! Unite! Steelworker Strong!