Talks Break Down Again bettween US Steelworkers and US Steel in Lock out

Negotiators for the United Steelworkers have walked out of talks seeking an end to the bitter 10-month lockout at US Steel in Hamilton.

In a letter sent to all Hamilton Works employees Tuesday, the company warned the future of the former Stelco plant is at stake.

US Steel says the union’s actions make it clear that a negotiated end to the labour dispute is not in sight.

Union leaders, who left the negotiations Friday but made no public announcement because of a news blackout, will update Local 1005 members at a meeting Thursday night.

The 900 workers have been surviving on about two-thirds of their normal pay since being locked out in November in a dispute over pension plans.

With their employment insurance benefits about to run out, the workers face subsisting on only $200 a week in union strike pay.