Trade Wage Study

The much anticipated wage study has finally been completed.  After some discrepancy on the final calculation the Union and the Company were able to come to an agreement on the following rates, which will be retro-active back to Dec 7, 2011:

  • Electrician-$38.393
  • Millwright-$38.393
  • Machinist-$35.216
  • Welder-$38.393
  • Electrical Technician-$38.802
  • Mechanical Engineering Tech-$35.642
  • Metallurgical Tech-$33.943
  • Senior Metallurgical Tech-$35.076
  • Instrument Man-$38.393
  • Heavy Duty Mechanic-$38.393

Effective August 1, 2012 the new rates will be as follows:

  • Electrician-$40.714
  • Millwright-$39.890
  • Machinist-$35.216
  • Welder-$39.232
  • Electrical Tech-$38.802
  • Mechanical Engineering Tech-$36.820
  • Metallurgical Tech-$36.398
  • Senior Metallurgical technician-$39.912
  • Instrument Man-$39.521
  • Heavy Duty Mechanic-$39.521

The Union has been informed by the company that the first rate increase should take effect in the next pay period, and the Company has stated they will pay the retroactive amounts on the Aug. 31, 2012 pay.  The retro active amounts are applicable to all hours worked from Dec 7, 2011 to present and also applicable to your previous and current year’s vacation.

As always, continue to check your pay stubs to ensure accuracy.  Any questions or discrepancies should be directed to your supervisor and/or payroll.  Any unsatisfactory results from that, please speak to a Shop Steward.

*Please note; those who received the market average prior to Aug 1, 2012 will receive the negotiated 2.1% increase.