U.S. Trade Representative insists that Canadian steel is a security threat – oh, but Canada isn’t an unfriendly neighbour/neighbor

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration’s point man on trade is doubling down on the decision to impose tariffs on Canadian steel, calling Canada’s industry a national security threat to the United States.

Under pointed questioning from a Senate committee, U.S. trade representative Robert Lighthizer is testifying today about the administration’s trade policy and 2019 budget.

Lighthizer is adamant that Canadian steel remains a national security threat to the United States requiring the tariffs imposed earlier this year.

He says no one in the administration is declaring war on Canada or calling the country an unfriendly neighbour.

If the Americans want to protect their domestic steel and aluminum industry, he says the administration can’t exempt one country like Canada and allow steel to flow through its borders and into the United States.

Canada imposed retaliatory tariffs on a slew of American products this month after Trump slapped tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum.