United Steelworkers National Health, Safety and Environmental Conference Oct 6-8, 2014

Oct 6, 2014 Toronto:

Today marked the opening day of this conference that has brought together hundreds of USW delegates from across Canada who are hearing about the latest issues and trends affecting workers. They are participating in workshops, sharing ideas and gaining new incite to practical skills and knowledge that will help make our places of work safer.

Guest speaker Mike Layton, Toronto City Councilor and son of the late NDP Leader Jack Layton welcomed the delegates. Followed by USW National Director Ken Neumann who spoke on a wide range of topics including the legacy and lead the Steelworkers continue to take on health and safety.

The Westray Bill and the USW “Stop The Killing Campaign”. Bringing attention to workers killed or injured on the job do to negligent safety by employers. Ongoing donations exceeding $125,000 from Steelworker members to the community of Lac Magantic Quebec in support of the continued rebuilding of their community. Bill C-4, the Canadian governments bill that would eliminate public service workers the right to refuse unsafe work and the USW Emergency Response Team (ERT).  Specialized trained members who can respond to any community in North America and assist in a variety of ways, supporting families of members who have been killed on the job.

Speakers today included:

Andrew McDonald, Chief Attorney of Special Public Prosecutions in Nova Scotia Canada.

Mr. John Harkins, Recently retired OHS Officer for the Ontario Ministry of Labour.

Sylvia Boyce, USW District 6 Health and Safety Coordinator

Daniel Roy, USW District 5 Director.

Ian Arnold, Health & Safety Consultant – Mental Health Commission of Canada.

Dr. Diane Meschino, Psychiatrist – Women’s Mental Health.

Philippe Blouin, Psychologist – Masisonneuve Rosemont Hospital

Special Guests:

Napoleon Gomez Urrutia, President and General Secretary of the National Union of Mine and Metal Workers of the Mexican Republic – Los Mineros

Leo Gerard, USW International President saying…

“We are the Union known around the world as a Union that is a leader for better health and safety in the workplace”

In Solidarity for the health and safety of every worker!