Update of Evraz attack on Camrose workers and retirees

From the Canadian Auto Workers in Camrose Alberta

Our dispute with Evraz rages on with no movement to speak of. My boss, Jerry Dias flew to Chicago today to have a one on one with Dario Cruz, while they were able to have some frank discussions the company has not committed to anything other than to get back to us on Tuesday. Jerry has made it clear that they need to look at a compromise that both of us can live with and made some suggestions that they are going to consider. The company told Jerry that they fully believe the membership will accept the mediator’s recommendations once they force a secret ballot vote. Our members voted 83 to 5 two days ago to continue to reject any concessions and a sub par monetary offer. The company has also said that they have moved a million feet of pipe to another plant from ours where it was slated to be made (we have no idea which plant). Our members are strong and are prepared for a long battle if necessary. We need to step up collectively and send a message to the company. We have been in contact with our brothers and sisters in Evraz locations in both the US and Canada and have their full backing and support.  We will keep you updated as things progress.

In solidarity,

Todd Romanow | National Representative, Canadian Auto Workers