USW Pipe/Rolling Mill Meeting

During the USW District 3 Conference held in Edmonton this week. Representatives from locals 6673 Calgary AB, 5917 Regina SK, 5220 Edmonton AB, 1595 Wabamun AB, 7226 Calgary AB along with this local held a Pipe/Rolling Mill meeting. The meeting was chaired by District Director Steve Hunt along with the Assistant to the Director Scott Lunny and Staff Reps.

The locals requested this meeting with the Director and staff to discuss current issues here in the district that are of concern to those of us whose jobs are directly affected by the steel industry in western Canada and the country. Job security, current economic conditions, lay offs, steel dumping into Canada and North America, collective bargaining, reports from each local and how we can collectively work together to share information and resources rounded out the discussions.

Before the meeting adjourned, it was unanimously agreed among the locals that another meeting would be held later in year with an expanded agenda of topics and follow ups to the ones already tabled. It was also agreed that this may also involve the inclusion of more USW locals in the district that are also tied to the steel industry and the products we manufacture.

In Solidarity!

Corey Liebrecht