We Are Not All Equal

Over the last two weeks there has been three incidents of near misses and a dangerous occurrence at the plant. All of these involved managers and a supervisor, with each having the potential of causing damage (in one case it did), serious injury or a fatality.

At no time did any of these salaried employees have to submit to the company’s Alcohol & Substance Policy. In one case an OH&S investigation was not even conducted until the union demanded that one take place.

What is also very troubling, is that after the first unsafe incident, the union was assured by upper management, department safety supervisors and safety managers that every employee is held equally to the same policies, procedures and rules. Obviously management cannot be trusted to stand by their word. As these incidence continue to demonstrated without a doubt. Salaried employees believe they are above the rules. They do not have to follow them, observe them or participate as other employee’s have to.

Unfortunately that leaves us with no choice but to precede through the grievance process. An unpleasant avenue we are forced to take to ensure this company enforces upon supervisors and managers equally what it does on our members. If they do not, then we will ask through arbitration, to have parts or entire policies removed that are not consistently followed.

In the mean time, we encourage all our members to continue to report all incidents that involve safety.  As well, report injuries in the log books no matter how insignificant that injury may seem at the time. This will protect you and assist you, in showing the injury occurred at work so you can begin receiving benefits when a compensation claim is filed.

Solidarity Forever!

Corey Liebrecht, President