Where are your CBA books, you ask?

Members of the Union Bargaining Committee met with Local HR  on Sept. 30th  to resolve outstanding issues in the wording of the CBA.  This was the 2nd such meeting  where your Union has pointed out the mistakes in the CBA wording  which was been different  than what was signed off on in bargaining.

Evraz has agreed to change the wording, in the majority of the mistakes that were pointed out to them but there are still articles remaining where no agreement has been reached.

It has gotten to the point where the Bargaining Committee  has filed a grievance, went through the grievance procedure, only to have the Evraz Lead Negotiator push for an arbitration ruling.

This is where your CBA books are; waiting for an arbitration date and a subsequent ruling.

The Union will continue to have available copies of ratified language to it’s members.   Please use this as an insert into your orange coloured CBA books.  This package was written word for word as to what was signed off at the bargaining table.  We will continue to hold the company responsible to the article changes as well you should.

We will keep copies at the office for pickup and will continue to leave stacks of them in the change room, at the Hilton.