1 year of displacement

Tubular Members,

The Company and the Union have agreed extend Article 12.10[n] 3[a] as the following;

After meaningful discussions to facilitate recall of laid off employees to the Regina Tubular Works, the parties agree to extend the “ 1 year” in  Article 12.10 [n] 3 [a] to December 31, 2022.  In this regard, the parties agree this applies to the following:

All Employees, in all Lines of Progression or stand-alone bid positions from the Regina Tubular Works, shall have the extension, to be used when laid off employees are recalled to positions within the Lines of Progression or stand-alone bid positions, as identified in appendix E of the collective agreement.

This only applies to the above stated article. If you have bumped into a position for 1 year that line of progression you bumped into is now your regular line of progression.