Early Shift Change

It has come to our attention that some area supervisors in the plant have been trying to discredit your Local Union Executive and myself in claiming that we are misrepresenting our membership in regard to early shift changes. Let me assure our members that your Union has NOT in any way asked the Company to remove early shift relief in any department. We know for a fact that some of our members have indeed enjoyed the practice of early shift change before 6am for many years. We have expressed to the Company on a number of occasions that our members have been quite happy with this arrangement and would like it to continue.

It is the Company that has taken the position that they will be following the CBA in regard to shift change times and will only discuss early shift changes before 6am if the Union will open the CBA and come to an agreement in a new Letter Of Understanding.

Your executive here and in Calgary Local 6673 who share in our CBA discussed this option and decided it was not in the best interest of our members to follow this avenue at this time.

We want to therefore make it very clear that it is the decision of the Company to withdraw any early shift changes before 6am. As I have said, they have quite clearly stated that they will be following the CBA in accordence to what is defined as a day shift. Which is any shift that starts between the time of 6am-10am. We want to let our members know that although we continue to try and work with the Company to find a resolution to the Kronos time keeping changes we advise any member that has a concern to contact the your General Foreman, HR Department or Payroll.

Solidarity Forever!