Local 5890 & 6673

 Respecting Our Past, Securing Our Future

Bargaining Up-Date 2014

Dear Brother/Sister,

 The Bargaining Committees of Local 5890, Regina, and Local 6673, Calgary gathered for two days in Regina last week to continue to discuss and prepare for bargaining with the main focus for the group being proposals.

 Some excellent discussions were held between both locals as we work towards building on a Collective Agreement that will continue to be strong and fair once the bargaining process has been completed. Again, we are asking for your full support of both Bargaining Committees and for our issues that we will be brought forward during this process. At this point and time, there has been no specific date set for bargaining to begin.

 Also taking place early last week, members from both of the Local’s Communication Action Teams (CAT) held a one day training session in Regina. There was a high level of energy, participation and sharing of ideas between the CAT teams. This will certainly be very beneficial to all of us as these members will play an important role during the upcoming negotiations. 

 You’re Bargaining Committees are committed to keeping you informed and updated.

 In Solidarity!

 Local Bargaining Committees 5890/6673