Tentative Agreement

Sisters and Brothers

As you may be aware, on December 19, 2014 your bargaining committee reached a tentative agreement with the company. We understand that our members are eager to know what is in the tentative agreement. In order to keep all information accurate for the members and to avoid rumors and false information. It is in the best interest for all of us, that particulars of the agreement NOT be released prior to the bargaining committee being able to present it to the membership as a whole in the early new year.

Shortly, the bargaining committee will be receiving a copy from the company containing all of the agreed to proposals that are in the tentative agreement. When the committee receives these agreed to proposals. They will need to be reviewed it for there accuracy. Once that is completed, the committee will then put the agreed to proposals into a handout and a PowerPoint presentation for our members to view at a ratification membership meeting. This process will take time, especially with the holidays upon us.

Your bargaining committee anticipates the ratification membership meeting to be held in early January 2015, with a location yet to be determined. At that time, the tentative agreement will be presented to the members in the form described above. They will then have the opportunity to vote on the tentative agreement at a time and location also yet to be determined. This process Sisters and Brothers allows our membership to receive the correct information as well as giving them the opportunity to ask questions directly to their bargaining committee before voting.

Please note: If you are a probationary employee, you are eligible to vote and you are encouraged to attend all meetings including the ratification meeting.

We would like to close by expressing our sincere thanks to the membership for their patience and outstanding support though out bargaining.

In Solidarity
USW Local 5890
Bargaining Committee