A message from United Steelworkers District 3 Director Stephen Hunt

In recent times Labour Day has been seen as the last long weekend of the summer, but it should, and it does, mean so much more.  It’s a time to celebrate the sacrifices made by each generation of workers that have resulted in a better life for every Canadian.

By looking back we can appreciate how far we’ve come.  From the very beginnings of our union, Steelworkers have never backed down from a fight.  Emboldened by the strength and solidarity that has been the hallmark of the USW, our union has been at the forefront of every struggle to improve working conditions for women and men in Canada, and around the world.  And we know that our work is far from done.

This October 19th, working people have an unprecedented opportunity to elect a federal government that is truly on our side.  Voters from every part of our country are looking to the NDP like never before and we are set to make history.  We can elect Tom Mulcair as Prime Minister of the first New Democratic Party government in Canadian history.  But it will only happen if we work for it!

I know that Steelworkers are up to the task, so this Labour Day let us commit ourselves as never before.  Let’s talk to one more friend, knock on one more door, make one more phone call, put up one more sign and take one more person with us to vote.  In doing so, we will have honoured the workers that came before us and will have contributed to electing a government that will ensure a brighter future for working people everywhere.