Arbitration Award May 3rd, 2015: Regarding an arbitration heard on March 30th, 2015 on behalf of Brother Marko Gustin, in relation to two grievances filed by the local. The first, a two day suspension and the second being the termination of Brother Gustin. Of these, Madame Arbitrator Francine Chad-Smith ruled that the grievance concerning the suspension would be dismissed. The grievance concerning the termination would be accepted with the termination reduced to a one week suspension with the griever made whole for lost pensionable time, monies, etc.

read hereĀ Evraz.USW gustin.sunset and service.dec

Awaiting Award: Regarding an arbitration held on April 8th, 2015 for Brother Shane Bork.

Upcoming Arbitration: May 5th/6th, 2015. Brother Brent Wiese.

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