September 7 2014

On September 3, 4 & 5 your bargaining committees from USW 5890 and 6673 met with the company to start negotiating “Common Non Monetary” proposals.

Although a few proposals were tentatively agreed to we are very much at the early stages of this portion of the negotiating process. We assure our members from both locals that your bargaining committee is committed to giving every union proposal the attention that it deserves and nothing less, this is not a race.

Our next bargaining dates are September 8 – 12 & September 29 – October 3.

June 22 2014


On Wednesday June 18, 2014 your bargaining committee met with the company and exchanged Non-Monetary Proposals. The exchange of proposals included Regina Local Proposals/ Calgary Local Proposals as well as common proposals for both Regina and Calgary.

The Company tabled Non-Monetary proposals for both Locals to consider. We are in the process of evaluating the Companies position.

On June 19 and 20, 2014 both locals met with the assistance of the Union’s National office to continue our preparation of our Monetary Proposals, which we will table at some point in the future.

We have a number of days set aside with the Company to commence the bargaining process with the Regina Local. We also have dates set for Calgary. Following each bargaining session we will get bargaining updates out through each Locals CAT teams.

Should you have any questions please contact a CAT team member or a member of your Local Union Bargaining Committee.


Our local has established a Communications Action Team (CAT). CAT is a group of Brothers and Sisters that have volunteered their time to provide a network of communication between local union leaders, the bargaining committee and the membership as a whole. Cat members are responsible for bringing the unions message past the gates of the plant and right onto the shop floor, lunchrooms and offices. This gives the membership a direct link to important, factual information on issues that concern you and the workplace that will be communicated straight from the executive or bargaining committee.

It is also a way for you, as a member of this local to have your voice heard. To ask the questions you may have. Point out a concern or make a suggestion. It’s about ongoing communication that can be trusted. If you would like more information about CAT or becoming a CAT member. Please contact a Brother or Sister listed below.

CAT Leaders: Dana Faul (Steel) – Mike Smith (Pipe)


In Solidarity!


March 9 2014 (Notice 1)

Bargaining Up-Date Locals 5890 & 6673


 The Bargaining Committees of both Locals 5890, Regina, and Local 6673, Calgary spent the last few days in Regina discussing and preparing for bargaining later this year.

 USW District 3 Director, Steve Hunt was with us for the first day and Staff Representatives, Keith Turcotte and Sonny Rioux work with us as well.

 Our bargaining committees participated in a bargaining training session along with some great discussions, which conclude with each LOCAL UNION pledging SOLIDARITY well into the future.

 As we progress and get closer to meeting the Employer, at the bargaining table, support for your Bargaining Committees and for our issues will contribute to our success. In addition, some of you may be called on to assist your Local union during the bargaining process, and we look forward to working each and all of you.

 Your Bargaining Committees are committed to keeping you informed

 Remember Solidarity Works

 In Solidarity

Your bargaining Committee