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USW Local 5890 held two membership meeting on Monday the 21st which were well attended. The bargaining committee announced that the union will be meeting again with the company for further negotiations  on September 5,6,7 2017 with the hopes of reaching an agreement. We also went over where things stood in terms of what we were asking for and what the company was asking. Below is an overview of what was discussed and where it stood at the end of mediation.


Evraz’s Proposal to USW 

4 year term


$0.50 increase 2018 for “future service” & $0.50 increase in 2019 for past service

O&T pension increase in 2018 move from 1.36% to 1.38% …… 0.02% increase


Aug. 2016….0% + cola

Aug. 2017….0% + cola

Aug. 2018….1% + cola

Aug. 2019….1% + cola

$1,500 Lump Sum at ratification

New Hire Transition Wages

Starting at 70% of current rates going up 10% each year over a 3 year period

Excluding skilled Trade New Hires. The company went from years to hours on the “transition rates” but still starting at 70%.


USW’s Proposal to Evraz

3 year term


At the end of the term of this contract we want the Basic Pension to be $70 per year of service. This would get the pension to $100 with the bridge. O&T increase equivalent to the P&M increase.

Pension Earn back/Pickup factor re-date to Dec. 31, 2015

Pensioner Benefit Bonus $1,000 and Surviving Spouse $600 re-date/re-sign


Aug. 2016….3% on JC 2 and all classifications + cola and retro

Aug. 2017….3% on JC 2 and all classifications + cola and retro

Aug. 2018….3.5% on JC 2 and all classifications + cola

Re-date and Re-sign Cola

Shift Premiums

Increase the second or afternoon shift to $0.75/hour

Increase the third or night shift to $1.00/hour

Increase Saturdays to $1.25/hour

Increase Sundays to $1.50/hour

Other Items

Increase Vision to $500

Increase Prescription Drugs to unlimited

Increase Bereavement to shifts worked (8hr, 10hr, 12hr shifts will be paid those hours x amount of days)

Weekly Indemnity re-date/re-sign and supply pay stubs to members

Safety Rep selection and pay rate

Re-sign/Re-date all Letters of Understanding

On September 5, 2017 USW Local 6673 & 5890 will be commencing these days of negotiations by serving the company strike notice. In the unfortunate event no agreement can be reached within the 3 days of negotiations both locals will be on strike the morning of September 8, 2017

If you have any questions please contact a member of the bargaining committee

Solidarity Forever