Brother’s and Sister’s,

Yesterday afternoon we received an update regarding the number of questions and concerns relating to response times and members’ benefits. The company has hired 2 new members to the Benefits Department. Melissa Albert and Melanie Lamoureux. It is our understanding though that these individuals will be based out of Calgary assisting Karen Graham Banman who is here in Regina.

If it is unclear whether a backlog issue has been resolved, the Benefits Team will reach out to our employees with an inquiry along the lines of: ‘We’re working through the Benefits backlog and want to make sure we are addressing any open issues. We want to confirm your question has been answered, please let us know if that is not the case’.
We also ask that our employees continue to use the department contacts rather than reaching out to individual team members within the departments. This will help to en-sure the best possible coverage and response times.

Payroll Department Email Address for Canada
Payroll Department Toll-Free Phone Number
Benefits Department Email Address
Benefits Department Toll-Free Phone Number

Their initial priority is to focus on resolving medical and dental coverage issues. All necessary updates have been made in Workday for medical and dental coverage through at least October 9 and will continue to be updated.

If you are emailing one of the company contacts please include one of your top 5 executive members to that email,

Mike Day-

Ryan McKenzie-

Steve Olson-

Dana Faul-

Tory Sand-