Bullying At Work Is Harassment

Bullying is real, unwanted aggressive behavior that involves real or perceived power imbalance and is a occupational hazard that can affect your health and make your workplace toxic. Workplace bullying includes (but is not limited to) social isolation, rumors, personal attacks, verbal or physical aggression, over-monitoring of ones work and even withholding information necessary for work.

Are you experiencing or have witnessed harassment and/or bullying in the workplace?

Stand up and say something. It is the responsibility of everyone who experiences bullying to SPEAK UP and STOP IT! Make it very clear to the bully that their actions are unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Report any incidents to your immediate supervisor. It is their responsibility to take action and respond immediately to any complaint.

Contact your local Union Anti-Harassment Rep. These are members that have been trained to facilitate confidential dialogue in a safe, respectful manner. They can discuss what is happening, providing advice, support and options on how to take action.

Filing a formal complaint is not pleasant but a reality at times. Human Rights Code based discrimination complaints (e.g., harassment based on sex, sexual orientation, race, age, disability) would proceed through the employers internal complaint process as laid out in the current Collective Bargaining Agreement. Members have the right to Union representation throughout the complaints procedure. If the complaint is not resolved satisfactory or there is inaction, then a grievance can be filed by the Union.

*There can be no retaliation or reprisal against any worker who brings forward a concern or complaint.

Local Anti-Harassment Reps:

Ned Donaldson – Mike Smith – Corey Liebrecht – Ed Racette – Mike Day

In Solidarity!