Call in Procedure

Brother’s and Sister’s

In recent weeks the company has been disciplining members for not following the call in procedure, specifically not calling in 2 hours before their shift starts. The Union has a grievance in on the policy being reasonable and are waiting for the date from the arbitrator. There used to be an understanding with this company that calling in 2 hours before your day shift was unreasonable. The new direction it appears, is that the company figures they should have 16 hours of your day and that is reasonable to them. They also figure if you can’t call in 2 hours before that you should still show up for your shift sick. This thought process makes us question how seriously the company takes everyone’s safety especially in the midst of a Pandemic.

The 2 hours notice was to give the company notice to find coverage for absenteeism. We guess now they expect our members to show up sick, infect others and then go home with zero notice? This is the route the HR department is going. Leaving front line managers with no coverage to run a shift, and for what? Do they believe this is building any sort of morale or is this simply HR trying to exert authority over our members? Actions like this make us wonder where the HUMAN factor is in Human Resources??