Can You Imagine Your Employer Shredding Your Pay Stub?

As most if not all of our membership is aware, the company has decided to start using an Epost system that you must register for in order to obtain your pay stub and T4’s. The only other option they have left available to you is a 21 hour window to pick up a hard copy of your pay stub before each pay day. As well, it is the Union’s understanding that this will be the last year that the the Company will have a hand delivered copy of a T4 sent to your home. Even more disturbing and outright mind boggling is the fact by confirmation earlier today fromthe payroll department, that any remaining pay stubs left in the company’s possession after each pay period will be shredded. That’s right…SHREDDED!

We have a number of obvious concerns and issues related to how the Company is handling and handcuffing you on what we believe is a right to have basic access to your personal work related information, especially concerning a record of your payroll information. The Local is weighing it’s options on how to best respond to this and defend our rights collectively. We will take all actions available and necessary in making sure we protect our members.

In Solidarity!