Canada Life – Health and Dental Coverage

If anyone has had problems with their Health and Dental coverage please see the below communication we received yesterday from the company’s benefits department.

We have heard from a couple of employees about an issue with their health and dental coverage at Canada Life having a benefit end date.  These employees were informed by Canada Life the last day of their EVRAZ health and dental coverage is June 11th.  We are working with Canada Life to determine the cause of the incorrect end dates in their system, and to identify all employees affected by this error so Canada Life’s system can be corrected and all inappropriate termination dates are removed from their system.

Should you have an employee contact you about their Canada Life health and dental coverage being terminated, please let them know we are aware of the issue, the termination of coverage on June 11th is an error, are working to correct the error as quickly as possible, and we apologize for any inconvenience this error might create for them.  Should the employee require additional information or have any questions, please have them leave a message on the Benefit Department’s toll free phone number 1-844-924-7636 or email We apologize for any inconvenience the coverage end date error may cause you or our employees.  Coverage for active employees, or those who have been laid off and should have continued coverage beyond June 11th, will be corrected as soon as possible