Steelworkers House Donations

A HUGE thank you to…

USW Local 5917 Regina, SK – $500.00
USW Local 6717 Weyburn, SK – $500.00
USW Local 7458 Cory Mine, SK – $500.00
USW Local 7689 Allan Mine, SK – $500.00
Rocanville Potash Employees Association, SK – $500.00
USW Staff Rep. Sonny Rioux who challenges all other staff reps. Regina, SK – $100.00
USW 5890 VP Vasco D’Almeida who challenges all other VP’s. Regina, SK – $500.00
USW 5890 President Corey Liebrecht who challenges all other president’s. Regina SK – $250.00

We’re that much closer to the first ever Steelworkers House. Your donation supports the reality for a family to create the foundation that they can make their home from. As members, locals and a community, please give generously.

5890 Habitat for Humanity Committee

Steelworkers House

We have successfully launched our campaign to raise $100,000 and are well on our way of reaching our goal of building a Steelworkers House in partnership with Habitat for Humanity Regina. This is a project that we, as Steelworkers, can all be proud of being a part of for many years to come. Making a donation is very simple and can be done securely by clicking on the Habitat link located on our webpage. Visiting or by filling out a donation sheet that will be available through any CAT member, USW Habitat committee member or from the Union mailbox located in the operation building. Every donation of $10 or more is tax deductible. A donation of $10, from every member per pay check over the next year would help us to reach our goal and allow us to begin the construction on a home for a family in our community. Please give generously to a great cause.


Corey Liebrecht, President

Local 5890 Proudly Partners With Habitat

Brothers & Sisters,

Over the past years the local union and company have participated in a workplace campaign to support a well known charity. This year the local has decided to move in a different direction and on Monday October 7th, 2013 will be kicking off our own good works project in the community by proudly partnering with Habitat for Humanity. We welcome everyone to come and join us at the local union office located at 26 – 395 Park St. on the 7th between 11am – 2pm where a donation will buy a hamburger or hotdog and a drink. Representatives from Habitat, local dignitaries and the media, will be on hand to help us begin our campaign to raise $100,000.00 or more over the next year so that we, as Steelworkers, can assist in building a home for a family here in Regina.

Why, you may ask are we supporting Habitat? We believe this is about giving a hand up and not a hand out. All money raised goes directly to the building of a home. Any administrative costs are covered by profits from the Re-Store with any additional money from there also going directly to the fund. We are also encouraged that families participating in the program must be gainfully employed with a yearly annual income. A 30 year interest free mortgage is repaid and that money goes back into Habitat for other builds. Families must also participate in 500 hours of “sweat equity” were they are part of the build, work at the Re-Store or do administrative duties. As well, Habitat commits itself to assuring these families have the skills and a supportive process to assist them in continued responsible home ownership.

Please contact one of the listed sub-committee members if you would like to participate in one or more of the fund raising events that will be held over the next year.

Corey Liebrecht Union Office 306.569.9663 Cell 306.530.6658
Mike Smith Cell 306.533.9921
Vasco D’Almeida
Dana Faul
Dave McAlpin
Kim Roberts

We are very excited to be undertaking this as a local and are determined to reach our goal. To do that though, we need the support of the entire membership, our families, friends, the Communication Action Team (CAT), Women of Steel (WOS), Steelworkers Organization Of Active Retirees (SOAR) as well as other USW locals right here in Regina, across the province and throughout the country to make this a success. I urge you to get involved, stay involved and rally each other as members behind this great cause. Let’s make this a huge success and something that we, as Steelworkers, can be proud of for years to come.

Solidarity Forever!

Corey Liebrecht, President

*Please note that parking is limited at the office but alternate space is close.