CBA Proof Reading Update

On Thursday Aug. 20 members of your Union Executive meet with local HR and the lead negotiator for Evraz.   The Union presented the company with our evidence of changes that needed to be made, to the CBA.  The Company was receptive to most changes.  One article remains contentious to both sides, where no agreement has been made to date.  Article 15.01, and who is entitled to the lump sum payments.  Back in January 2015 and again in August 2015, the Union has filed grievances under this article.  Both members on Long Term Disability and Summer Students received no lump sum payments.


Evraz has express interest in getting these grievances to arbitration as soon as possible for a decision.  The Union is disappointed that an agreement could not be reached.  Especially, since coming out of bargaining so recently with Evraz.

Evraz has stated they intend to have the Regina edits and response to proposals completed by Friday, September 11th.