Chubb Card Update

A meeting was held yesterday between the Union and Company to discuss the implimentation of the new Chubb Card system and the affect on shift changes. This is what the Company is shoving at us.

– There will be no more early shift relief before 6am. All schedules for day shift will now follow the CBA. Meaning a day shift can start any time between 6am-10am. (We were told that members working in their respective departments will have the opportunty to choose their start time).

– Location of swipe card readers in the Operations Building was outright refused by the Company. (Instalation continues in 23 locations throughout the site).

– Shift coverage if your relief is late. If your department has agreed to work for example 6am -6pm and your relief is late. You will be ASKED by a supervisor if you want to work the overtime for coverage according to the CBA. The member late will be docked accordingly.

– Shift trades will be done following the CBA. (It is unclear how stringent the Company will be on short shift trades like 1 or 2 hours?)  **Be aware that shift trades will be CHANGED by a supervisor in the system but only APPROVED by a manager**

– The Company refuses to remove the $25 replacement fee for lost Chubb cards. They feel no one will lose their cards and thus will be a non issue. (The Union made it very clear that charging this fee is bargaining outside the CBA).

– Paid time for changing, wash up and showering is still being denied. (OHS Regulations state different but the Company refuses to actknowlege our rights).

We have requested another meeting before Oct 22nd 2012 to further discuss the issues of swipe card reader locations, wash/change time and the $25 card replacement fee. If we cannot at this time come to an agreement on our concerns, the appropriate grievances will be filed. In the mean time we want to make sure our membership understands that they are at no time obligated to relieve on the floor or at your work station.

Solidarity Forever!