Communication Action Team (C.A.T)

C.A.T. is a network of communication between the local union leaders, bargaining committee and the membership as a whole. It is responsible for bringing the union message past the plant gates, right into the lunch rooms and onto the floor of our workplace. Acting as a direct link to important, factual information concerning the members of this local. Which in turn, opens another avenue for members to voice their concerns, questions or suggestions to the local executive and bargaining committee. The C.A.T consists of the following members.

Les Horvath – Dark Room (Spiral)
Tory Sand – Lab (Steel)
Vasco D’Ameida – Motor Room
John Forster – Motor Room
Kim Roberts – O&T
Tim Osborne – O&T
Shannon Fletcher – Operation Building
Jon Jackson – R&D
Bryon Folk – Rolling Mill
Tim Kachaluba – Safety (Steel)
Rob Desnomie – Safety (Tubular)
John Asmay – Salvage
Mike Smith – Spiral Finishing
Ray Sopko – Spiral Finishing
Rosey Shiels – Spiral Finishing
Joshua Kretschmer – Spiral Finishing
Kelly Wallis – Spiral Finishing
Kerry Molloy – Spiral Finishing
Jon Solman – Spiral Finishing
Dana Faul – Steel Stores
Dwayne Mitchell – Tubular Yard
Dallas Houston – Tubular Yard
Brent Henningsen – 24” Mill Line
Garret Rosko – 24” Finishing Line