Correction on recall Letter from EVRAZ

In the last few days many of the laid off members in Steel were mailed a recall notice from the Comp.  It is incorrect in regards to how many days you have to report to work.  The document said 5 days. 5 is incorrect. You do not have to report for 10 days.

You can request more days if you can establish a good reason like employment commitments elsewhere.

The following is the updated language ratified in January

Article 12.06 Loss of Seniority

If the employee is laid off and fails to return to work when notified to do so or within a maximum of 10 calendar days. If the employee can demonstrate that they have legitimate employment elsewhere and must provide a notice period or in other extenuating circumstances beyond the employee’s control, they may request additional time to return and no reasonable request will be denied. In either case the employee will be notified by the Company by telephone and registered mail to their last known address. A copy will be supplied to the Union.

• Laid off employees are responsible to provide the Company with their current contact information.